The Awakening

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16th of June From 11:00 to 21:00

Embrace the primitive, UM culture and its Afro-beats; rustic atmosphere surrounded by jungle vibes. Observe the sunset and celebrate; a gathering of nomad souls who dance barefoot. The heart keeps on beating for us to realize, we are awakened. 

Exclusive Bar Area || 1000€ per sunbed + 3000€ min spend.  8 pax. per sunbed 

Sea View Balcony || 250€ per sunbed + 600€ min spend.  3 pax. per sunbed

XXL Pool Sunbed || 200€ per sunbed + 500€ min spend.  3 pax. per sunbed 

Deck Sunbed || 100€ per sunbed + 350€ min spend.  2 pax. per sunbed

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Exclusive Bar Area, Sea View Balcony, XXL Pool Sunbed, Double Deck