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San Juan night under the stars

Surely you have heard people talking of the mysticism that surrounds the “Noche de San Juan” (The Night of Saint John). But I am sure that you will be surprised when I tell you what this magical summer night holds, as well as the wishes of those who celebrate it, it is a love story in which its roots have become lost in time, much like those of the trees which I am writing underneath of now, from La Calita of Portals.

Our ancestors believed that the sun was in love with mother earth. That is why, it never abandons her, coming out to find her every morning, wrapping her with its light. On the year’s shortest night, the 23rd of June, they came out to pay tribute to the charming night sky king who illuminated the darkness with bonfires, fire and spells of love and fertility. A celebration of life which drove away the bad spirits and which has been preserved throughout these emotional years, with its pagan history to the different generations.

Emotion and adventure is what you will find at La Calita of Portals during that night. If you are in search of plans for San Juan that live the magic that surrounds this festival, you have to come and celebrate it here because the staff at La Calita of Portals will grant you the best wish possible: your happiness. You can savour our grilled Mediterranean gastronomy, in the restaurant or on the seafront, it’s your choice. Either way you will enjoy the beautiful surrounding which this charming beach house offers, made with wicker, distressed wood and a lot of joy. I will also tell you that you will be partaking in the most Mediterranean atmosphere, the music and good vibes… By that time you should already be making your reservation.

Well, at this point in the article, I have faith in you to carry on with me through my story, I promise you one thing: On the Noche de San Juan, at La Calita of Portals, you will believe once again in adventure.

And who knows, it’s a night in which anything can happen…Maybe we’ll see each other between all those who will be smiling.

Mr. UM.