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5 Blue zones that contain the keys to happiness and longevity


Happiness, the Holy Grail of our society. Everybody looks for it and nobody knows if it exists, or if it is just a legend. Dan Buettler, a National Geographic scientist, has started a search, in the spirit of the Knights Templar, for this imagined state of mind. He seems to have found the reasons why certain regions in the world seem to live happier and longer lives than the rest. However, more than where these people live, the motives for this increase seem to stem from their way of understanding life. And you know what’s interesting? The values that Buettler talks about are the same values on which UM are based on.


Barbaglia, in Sardinia (Italy), raised the suspicions of this scientist. Its inhabitants showed increased levels of longevity and their life expectancy was much higher than in other regions. Buettler wanted to know the reason why so he created a team made up of doctors, epidemiologists, nutritionists, anthropologists and demographers and together they set in motion an exhaustive search in order to find out why. As the saying goes “look and you will find it”, and the team found four other regions that presented the same levels of longevity. So, what does Barbaglia have in common with Nicoya (Costa Rica), Okinawa (Japan), Ikaria (Greece) and Loma Linda (USA)? Their way of looking at life.

  1. Diet. Eating better and eating less means living more. Something that the island of Okinawa calls “Hara Hachi Bu”, a diet based on vegetables, fish and very little meat. Our chef, Miquel Ripoll, will be very happy when he reads this article because he knows that our culinary offer will make our guests very happy!
  2. Exercise. Blue Zones are not compatible with a sedentary lifestyle, but they also don’t have anything to do with the typical gym that we all attend. The population in these areas are used to doing exercise naturally. They work in the field and are used to long walks and riding a bicycle. Now we understand why our ambassador, Tófol Castañer – world champion mountain runner, is always so happy!
  3. Life purpose. These regions call it “Ikigai”. It is the reason for getting up in the morning and moving forward. Ikigai has nothing to do with economic objectives, it is about doing that which makes you truly happy. We didn’t know that this idea had its own name, but we do know that for some reason our meetings in UM end up being more like a celebration. If you would like to know more about this concept that can change your life if know how to use it, then read the first edition of our magazine that we will send, free of charge, to all those who subscribe this month to our online community, along with a music app that you will love. (more info: here)
  4. Coping with stress. The best way to cope with stress seems to be by resting and sleeping properly, maintaining spiritual practices and meditating. Just ask Valeria Alves, our Co-Founder and Brand Director, who since she has started practicing aerial yoga, has an even bigger smile on her face.
  5. Social relations. Blue Zone inhabitants share their leisure time with other people. They look after their friends and relationships, for the good of the community. If you still don’t know U-Circle please click on this link and discover the international community of nomads in search of well-being.