Amongst the stars, arabian gastronomy and your destiny - Umbeachhouse

Amongst the stars, arabian gastronomy and your destiny

Maktub is an Arabian word which means that everything that is already written and everything which is destined to happen, will find a way of making itself happen. An inspiring message which invites us to trust, to relax in life and to restore our faith in that we are part of our own unique plan. “It is not difficult to believe in fate from here”, I think to myself as I look up to the sky, and it’s that, from here, anything seems possible.

The night is filled by dozens of tantalising stars which illuminate the welcoming surrounding of this beach house and the moons silver glow lights up the calm waters which I can see in the distance, I lose my gaze in the night’s dark horizon. An enigmatic landscape, filled with magic, which offers us UM The Beach House at night, the same one which will set the scene on the 26th of August, this is when we will celebrate Maktub: an evening in which you can savour a delicious Arabian barbecue in the best company and let yourself be carried away, through the sounds of the Sahara, until you reach the enigmatic and elegant Tuareg culture which represents the nomads of the Sahara desert, with which we share our values of unity and community life.

I invite you to celebrate with us this magical night in which the stars will show you a great truth: and they say that those fleeting…is us. Make the most of your time, let your destiny run its own course. Maktub.

And who knows maybe you’ll find me in the crowd. On this night anything can happen.


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