Mallorca, the birthplace of a new leisure concept - Umbeachhouse

Mallorca, the birthplace of a new leisure concept

Umami Group opens its first beach club in Mallorca

The 4th of June is the chosen date for which the doors of Um The Beach House La Calita will be opening, in which a new leisure concept in Mallorca will be established, inspired by adventure and Mediterranean character. A project born on the Balearic island in order to expand in a sustainable way through the most valued and inspiring locations on the map.

UM The Beach House and UM The Roof Lounge, are the two leisure brands that come together under the umbrella of Umami Group (UM). Unique enclaves which combine with a strong image, which reinvents bohemian style, drenching it with elegance and with an attractive life philosophy that supports the recuperation of the Mediterranean essence: freshness, positivity, the happiness of living and the creation of profound human creations.

The famous and esteemed restaurant “La Calita de Portals” is the chosen location by the Umami Group to open its first beach house, or small beach house, in which it aims to print a Mallorcan seal on the leisure sector of the island, ensuring that a great recreational offer in Mallorca be within reach for all.

“Umami was born from a dream to create human connections that stand the test of time and to unite cultures. The sea, which covers mother earth, connects us. Music, human relationships and gastronomy intertwine to form a chain of pleasures and inspirations that expand in a natural way” (Peter Estebe, Founder)”

The objective of Umami is to send a message that’s deep rooted in the welcoming Mediterranean culture: the centres are the homes of those that visit them. “We want all of our clients to be able to celebrate the adventure of living when in our spaces. The ideas is that our clients feel as if they were at home, in their own refuge, where everyone has their own place”

With the denomination “beach house”, the group wants to come out of the ordinary and communicate a significant value: our wish is that their clients and friends feel as if they were at home. “We want people to feel at home…in your own beach house! It is a challenge that we face with responsibility and hope. It’s our duty. We are natural born hosts”, declared Peter.

This year Umami Group will foresee a positive gradual expansion thanks to the signed agreement of the next opening of beach houses (UM The Beach House) and roof lounges (UM The Roof Lounge) in Spain, that will offer an attractive leisure proposal to its visitors and will add a strong concept to its locations in which they are based. Sophisticated and ethnic decoration that mimics the surrounding of each region, respecting its personality, and that combines with an unbeatable leisure offering. Organic and healthy gastronomy, electronic music that recovers the essence and that fuses with tribal rhythms in order to offer a quality sound, as well as a calendar of activities which integrates the visitor in the boho Mediterranean philosophy of the group. Umami Group invites you to take part in a community that understands life as an emotional journey that’s worth sharing.