Umami Group’s new project is located in Portals (Calvià, Mallorca), and represents the attractive and inspiring leisure concept created by the Group.

UM Beach House Portals, created by experienced leisure and restaurant group Umami, is a spectacular setting, that through its combination of organic textures, has naturally integrated into the coastal silhouette. This inspirational beach house, which opened its doors for the first time on 18 th April 2019, represents the starting point of the Group’s sustained expansion strategy, which is committed to a new leisure concept inspired by adventure, freedom, and the multicultural wealth and pleasure that travelling provides.

UM Beach House Portals, is the first, and largest, beach house destination ​​in the Calvià region of Mallorca. This “Mediterranean temple” has panoramic views of the sea, and spectacularly designed installations which reflect the nomadic and Mediterranean style that characterises the brand. Featuring two different and unique areas, UM Beach House and El Chambao, that reflect the Group’s essence while offering a variety of services to ensure an unbeatable guest experience. The place is also the meeting point of U-Circle, the international community of nomadic travellers in search of well-being that the Group represents, bringing together, in one place, our large group of members who enjoy incredible leisure sector privileges.

A combination of organic textures, simple lines, high-quality materials such as wood or stone, and an elegant palette of terracotta colours, create an evocative space that has a capacity of 800 people. It invites you relax and unwind, and integrates perfectly into the natural surroundings through its use of sustainable design. Archidom Studio is the architecture studio that designed our beach house, and the project was led by Chema Sobrado, representing one of the studio’s most ambitious projects.


Located just 20 minutes from Palma airport, UM Beach House Portals has two distinct areas and environments to meet the needs of all of its guests. Tourists and residents can choose between UM Beach House’s more sophisticated space (located in the upper area) with its infinity pool, lazy sunbeds and gastronomic restaurant; or in El Chambao’s relaxed and friendly atmosphere, (located in the lower area) with cuisine inspired by our chef’s childhood memories, and where the previous establishment, Casita de Portals was located.


Miquel Ripoll, the renowned Mallorcan chef, is in charge of the Group’s gastronomic concept. The Balearic Islands is the epicentre of an organic and healthy culinary movement, with these two values also forming part of UM's hallmark. A new gastronomic concept that imbues different cultures and fuses them together, creating a Mediterranean menu takes in dishes from each region. Latin, Arabian, Greek and Oriental touches combine in cooking processes that respect the essence of the products used. “Grilled, steamed or baked, our culinary challenge is making the simple extraordinary” said Miquel Ripoll the chef at UMBH. He has designed two different menus, matching the beach house’s dual environments:

El Chambao. Cuisine classics from the south of Spain, such as fried fish or Andalusian squid, meet with more exotic offerings, such as Arabic mezze, and of course, the chef’s suggestion for this season: the homemade meatballs that his grandmother used to make for him as a child.

UM Beach House. Based in the Mediterranean, our chef creates a conscious cuisine concept, full of organic textures and colours, that nourishes body and soul that surprises at the same time, with Arab, Greek, Latin and Asian flavours. When simple cuisine becomes a gourmet experience.


Umami Group has launched a revolutionary concept that has been labelled as “inspirational leisure”. It made up of happenings, and/or recurring events that offer themed nights, where the gastronomy of different cultures is key. There are also daily rituals with which guests can enjoy moments of well-being and participate in the nomadic Mediterranean and bohemian lifestyle that distinguishes the Group. Embassy, ​​San Juan and Maktub are the names of the events and happenings to be held at the Beach House (see the attached events calendar), as well as a private event that will mark the inauguration of UMBH.

Homegrown music production is the key element for integrating guests into Umami’s world. Sebas Ramis, from the Sub_Urban record label, is the person in charge of Umami’s music project. The music in UM is a tribute to freedom and the essence of sound. Global rhythms blend with elegance to create a universal language that connects the U-Circle community.