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Umami, the taste of flavor

The breeze of the Mediterranean makes dance the fine needles of the centennial Majorcan pine that shelters us under its robust shadow. They move lightly, in a rhythmic and slow swing, which accompanies the clouds that cross, as if on tiptoe and without wanting to attract attention, the blue sky of this charming little house on the beach.

It’s funny, I think to myself, how in summer time vanishes in the same way that waves break at this moment against my bare feet. Miquel, the executive chef of this beach house, sits in front of me, with a half smile dressed in humility, scrutinizing me with his eyes, as dark as a new moon night and, though, so full of light. A sincere brightness that you only find in people who still understand the world with their hearts and live with passion.

With a lulling voice, almost confused with the frothing of the waves, he begins to tell me his story. A story of a traveling soul that dances with the passion of a child and accumulates the wisdom of one who has lived a hundred years.

“I think there is nothing more important in life than not to lose curiosity. That is what drives us, what gives us wings, and makes us evolve. Gastronomy aroused great concern in me. That’s why I chose it as a profession. I think it is full of infinite possibilities and that inspires me to face each project as a challenge. The gastronomic menu we have created is a real challenge to what we are used to find: it is a respectful and elegant cuisine, with rustic, organic presentations, with one more round. Respectful with the commensal, because it is healthy, and with the product, because the cooking processes we use ensure that its essence remains intact. Thus we offer the highest quality.

Indeed, our cuisine is an ode to freedom, an invitation to recover forgotten values: sitting at the table without hurry, surrounded by people you love, savor the smiles and accompany them with our umami flavors. Those that awaken the senses and that fill you with happiness. Eat consciously, enjoying the moment. Is there a greater pleasure than that? Imagine if you can do that in an environment like this! An environment that inspires our menu that, like the Mediterranean, is enriched with winks to other cultures.

Campero chicken, seasonal tomatoes of intense red color, fresh tuna. We also have vegetarian options, made with the famous super foods, and gluten-free:  organic quinoa salads or the avocado with sweet potato, ideal for athletes and Instagram- foodies. Crunchy cocas, with comfit tuna belly and crispy bacon. The pa amb oli, perfect for sharing, with selected sausages that make it an authentic experience. Moules, mussels with herb butter … My favorite option, without a doubt, is the mezzé, a combination of Arabic origin with sauces and appetizers of the Mediterranean Seacoast with pita bread, ideal to share with friends. With all those people that you appreciate and with whom you sometimes discuss football or politics while sharing a good wine. Those with whom you create simple moments, and at the same time extraordinary, like our kitchen. Moments that really make life meaningful “

The truth is, after listening to Miquel Ripoll, I can only say that, if life and the essential things that make it great, flavored to something, it is to “umami” flavor. A taste impossible to describe with words because it can only taste with the soul.